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Pros And Cons Of Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a popular trend in the world of furniture. There are several choices available in this category.  The patio furniture comes with both pros and cons. Understanding all these can save us from several problems while we are out in the market to buy the best. These good and bad things about the patio furniture help you decide what are you looking for exactly and how can you save yourself from the possible losses.

Patio furniture comes in different materials. To find out how well can the furniture outside in the backyard the pros and cons of each material need to be considered.

The article here includes the pros and cons related to each of the materials that are used in manufacturing the patio furniture.

  1. Wicker


  • Easy to accentuate with cushions
  • Light weight
  • Easy to move around
  • Can match all kinds of setting styles


  1. Plastic


  • Economical and budget friendly
  • Best for all kinds of weathers
  • Available in vast varieties of colours and styles.
  • Replica of wooden and iron furniture also available in plastic.
  • Light in weight for easy portability


  • Not long lasting
  • Can wear and tear easily with time
  • Colours fade under sun so needs to be protected under outdoor modular furniture covers
  • Not good for heavy users
  1. Wrought Iron


  • Perfect for the homeowners of style.
  • Creates a formal aura in the outdoors making it look impressive and welcoming.
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Long lasting collection of furniture


  • Heavy enough to move around often.
  • Costly as compared to other available patio furniture
  • Cannot withstand humid weather conditions
  • Develops rust when not protected well with outdoor modular furniture covers.
  1. Wood


  • Comes in different styles and sizes
  • The weight varies from style to style and design to design
  • Perfect looking choice with a touch of nature
  • Vibrant and outclass looks


  • Can be expensive at times.
  • Hard to maintain
  • Can be inflicted with damages if not properly taken care of.


These are the pros and cons of some of the best choices that are available as the outdoor furniture. These furniture pieces can make your outdoors look impressive. Buying the patio furniture seems no problem, but there are certain things that need to be taken into account to save yourself from the future losses. Patio furniture comes in a large variety but what matters is how you take care of them.

People Management & HR

All You Need To Know About CV And Resume

In this competitive professional environment getting the right job is the tough task. Each company wants good resources on board so that they can work efficiently, and it is always difficult to find the perfect resource. Not because professional resources are scarce in the market, but the problem is that people are unable to communicate their skills properly. The most common medium by which the recruiter can assess the resource is their resume or CVs. But bot every CVs or resumes in nz justify the person capability and ability. The problem is not with the skill but displaying the skills properly on their resume or CV. The major problem is that people are not well aware of the difference between resume or CV.

Resume vs CV:

Whenever you read the advertisement for any job. Always keenly looking to detail, does that job has asked for resume or CV. Because both of these documents differ a lot. The resume is short, one or two-page document that contains highlights about the person skills, capabilities, and experience. Whereas the CV contains details about person career, personality, and other skills. The CV is the long document in comparison of resume. Always keep an eye, that which document has been asked because if the recruiter has asked for a CV and you send the resume, it means the other competitors CV’s will have better details about their profile whereas your resume will limit your image. This is a serious mistake done by people when they apply for the job. Not every recruiter have the same mentality and they can easily distinguish between CV or resume. You might miss the chance in initial screening because you have sent the wrong document.

Right information:

Rather is CV or resume, always ensure both should be containing the right information about your career, skills or job experience. Because mature recruiter always does their homework by verifying the information provided on the CV or resume. In case, the verified information contradicts with documents, that will lead to disqualification. Also, the v or resume should only contain the information that can be supported by evidence. As any recruiter can ask for supporting documents to match them with the information given on your resume/CV.

Write what you know:

Many times, people try to add the things in their CV or resume, about which they have no or little knowledge. This can lead to serious embarrassment because if the interviewer asks the questions from your CV or resume, particularly about the area that you don’t know. This will be shown as weakness or miscommunication of the information. People get rejected from the job interview because of false information given in their CV or resume even if they have the right skills for the job. Never try to outsmart the recruiter or interviewer with false information, they may go against you. Giving the right information will help you to display the right skills needed for the job and meeting the expectations during the job.